Word on the Street

Maybe your new to the scene or perhaps just curious if it's really true,  
Below are excerpts, of a few of my many reviews, left by some of the amazing gentlemen
who have had the pleasure of experiencing The D'arcy Effect!  

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I’m starting to writhe on the bed and feel like I’m getting close to blowing my load in her mouth. Normally a one shot dude I want to save it for later so ask her to flip around and sit on my face while she sucks my cock. She happy agrees and plants her soaking wet pussy directly on my lips applying pressure as my tongue goes to work. She starts grinding against my face clearly enjoying the sixty nine and I hear her breathing pick up again. I surprise her by slipping a couple fingers inside her pussy as I furiously lick her lips and clit. Shuddering with another orgasm she squirts a little all over my face and collapses to the bed to catch her breath.    
Inaluki, TERB

Finally got the chance to meet on a cold December day when I was downtown. It was amazing when she opened the door as she was wearing a very special outfit request that you can tell she put quite a bit of effort into. I had mentioned & search all my  in another thread a couple months ago that I was very surprised to find out that she was 40 as I was under the impression that she was in her 20s based on pictures. After meeting her I still don't believe that she's 40 (In a good way of course) 
Legendspirit, TERB

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She greeted me with some very nice DFK, but I had to pause her for a min and admire her beauty. I brought her a few gifts and while she opened them and gave me a little fashion show we chatted. Guys this girl is not only beautiful, but highly intelligent and funny as hell. We chatted and laughed. We made it more of a game than a date. Then she got down in front of me and started to pull my cock out. It was beyond hard by now. She began a bbbj taking every inch of me in her mouth, just looking up at me while she did it, until I came   
Xander99, TER


Dressed in revealing lingerie, she met me bedside with a deep kiss. We tickled, stroked, and fondled each other, feeding our mutual arousal. My kissing moved to her protruding nipples and soon she was groaning and feeding her bosom into my mouth...
D’Arcy is a grand master at blowjobs and she truly enjoys giving pleasure as much as receiving it. She brought me to the brink several times, always retreating a bit and keeping me on the edge. Her mouth felt fantastic and impossibly I got even harder. She ripped open a condom and rolled it onto me, quickly mounting me in cowgirl. With her breasts swaying and hair floating D’Arcy added her special touch by squirting onto my stomach. 
Powerten, TER


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