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First-timer? Curious about if it's really true? Below are a sampling of some of my many reviews which can be found on reputable review boards including TERB, TER, P411, and others by individuals who have had the pleasure of experiencing The D'arcy Effect!


Okay, I'm still recovering and both of these ladies are well reviewed individually so this won't be too long of a post. But to summarize in a sentence? “THE COX EFFECT IS LIKE SOMETHING STRAIGHT OUT OF A PORN MOVIE”

I’m a big fan of The D’arcy Effect and when I asked her about a potential duo, she suggested Cassandra Cox would totally fit my taste in ladies (mature, busty, fit). Before this I hadn’t met Cassandra before, but I am so glad that I listened to D’arcy because seeing these two girls together was a once-in-a-lifetime duo experience! Well, I’m not gonna lie – I’m DEFINITELY doing this more than once in my life!

D’arcy had mentioned that her and Cassandra had strong sexual chemistry but boy was I in for a surprise – this was beyond my expectations, the chemistry between her and Cassandra is one hundred percent real and super intense.

Needless to say these girls are both stunning, I loved the contrast now that Cassandra has brunette hair – nothing better than having a smoking hot blonde and a smoking hot brunette together in your bed just going all out to please each other and you! Not to mention Cass has quite a cute bubble butt that is just a sight to see in and of itself!

I booked a two-hour session as per the girls advice and it was definitely necessary. There was an endless amount of attention not only paid to me, but soooo much hot and intense girl on girl action – and all the dirty talk on top, OMG – it was just the icing on the cake. The whole session was just a fantasy come to life and I will definitely be repeating with these two girls again.

Both D’arcy and Cassandra have plenty of reviews on here and I've reviewed D'arcy before solo. IMO Cassandra is pretty much just as fun and wild as D’arcy (I think Cass may also do Greek but YMMV?). Needless to say both girls are very open-minded and love to give and receive pleasure – experiencing The Cox Effect was totally worth the dent it left in my bank account.

Now it’s time for a cold beer and a nap – I’m pooched!

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Let me say it was first just such a pleasure planning this long evening out. Never really had a good duo and recently killed it at the Casino.

I have seen both these lovely ladies a few times separately and noticed on twitter they have been doing DUOs and enjoy each other.

Highlights of the 6 hour dinner fun date.

Dinner was fun and we mostly laughed at all the looks we were getting. 2 bombshells with goddess bodies in tiny dresses ❤️

They truly enjoy each other's company. Lots of 69 on each other and they were highly interactive.
Very very high end GFE & mix of PSE.
Lots DFK & Foreplay.
Daty/Dato/Rimming & lots dirty talk.
D'arcy incredible squirting abilities 💦💦💦

Because I booked over 3 hours I was able to take pictures and some recordings, it's a legendary video. Photos were all them in some open minded positions

Both are MILFs and very mature and young at same time. They are just as fun and sexy as girls in their 20's.

They really made sure I was happy and completely drained for rest of month.


Funny pun aside.
D'arcy just popped up on the boards, and I thought I'd take the plunge.
Her pictures looked good and although she didn't have a ton of reviews, I've been interested in experiencing a squirter.

The down and dirty review, I had a great time and will absolutely repeat, she is great looking, fun and wild..... exceeded my expectations across the board.

For those of you that like details.

First off, she was very professional to deal with. Responded right away to my emails, was polite, friendly and accommodating. This is especially appreciated because lately I personally haven't had the greatest luck setting appointments, with some providers being a little flaky.

We setup an outcall, and even though it was a drive she was game.
She was also accommodating with outfit requests, and was actually playful with the whole back and forth and confirmation.

Day of the appointment, bad traffic and weather had her a few minutes late, but she let me know in advance so no big deal.

When she showed was wearing an overcoat but underneath the sexiest dress I've seen in a long time.
As for her looks, pictures are legit. The best way to describe her, she looks a lot like a younger Emma Star. Tall, skinny, big well done manmades, shoulder length blonde hair. She is really good looking, I wouldn't call her a milf, but she is mid-late 30s, a confident sexy woman.

The main event was great, I asked for aggressive, and she was, great kisser, grinding....and the 10 minutes of foreplay, and I started carressing her kitty and next thing you know a blast of hot and was crazy. The squirting happened over and over and was intense.
The rest of it was also amazing, excellent bj, great rimming, bls.....she really is a pro.
She also comes off as someone who really wants to please.

All in all, it was a great time, I really enjoyed her company. Beyond the main event, had great conversation, she is really nice and outgoing. We got on really well, as long as you are friendly and make an effort to be nice and make sure you are clean and put together I can't imagine not having a great time.

I will for sure be repeating.


So I had noticed there is a lot of new talent gracing the scene here in Toronto. Recently, I came across an ad on Eros about “The D’arcy Effect” (and that she was a HOT blonde with big tits – and mature) and that she was visiting Toronto soon for incall in April, but available before that for extended outcalls. Well, I guess that sort of sealed the deal for me. My all time favorite type of lady is the cougar/MILF with a 25 year old’s body and D’arcy definitely is ALL THAT and more (minus ANY kids! I know right – unreal!)

I've always been a huge fan of Jayde Fleming (blonde, mature, squirter, super fun) - I would say if you like Jayde you would love D'arcy because she is like a hotter younger version of Jayde! Her rates are definitely up there but they are totally worth it (Jayde raised her's recently too and frankly if a girl is fun, an extra $50-100 isn't moving the needle vs. seeing some girl w/sub par service to save a few bucks).

D'arcy is probably the hottest cougar I have ever met. Hands down. Like I regret writing this right now because she is going to be so popular I’m sure that I’m going to have start planning my dates with her months in advance to ensure I get a spot :o

Booking was a breeze, after sending her the usual details (my info and a reference from another indy SP), we decided to do a two-hour outcall at my hotel to get acquainted.

She responds pretty quickly to e-mail and from her initial reply I had a good feeling - she is very genuine, sweet, super HOT (obviously) and definitely loves sex.
When she arrived at my room I was in awe, she is a tall, gorgeous blonde, her photos (selfies) are very representative of her – she is definitely even hotter in person, like what crossed my mind was “no photoshop on those pics!” WOW!

While she doesn't show her face in her photos for privacy reasons I was not disappointed - she has a very pretty face, perfect lips, unbelievable body (this girl hits the gym for sure!), very cute laugh and soft skin.

I would say D’arcy is about mid to late 30's age wise (she told me she is 39 and I believe her – she is by far the most smoking hot 39 year old blonde stunner I have ever met in this scene), her pictures are 100% accurate (I would say that if you are a fan of the mature, but wild in the bedroom type of SP, you will certainly enjoy D’arcys company. She is a full GFE/PSE and she squirts (YMMV) – but MAN can she squirt when she is turned on. At one point it felt like it was raining on my face. Unbelievable.

After we got acquainted, she grabbed me and planted a massive kiss on me before taking a moment to change while I waited in the bedroom, she returned outfitted in an exquisite lingerie combination with a huge sly grin on her face.

D’arcy is the definition of true GFE/PSE – she clearly enjoys what she does (pretty much everything standard is on the menu except greek). I think she may be open to some fetishes depending on the request – you would have to ask her though about specifics.

Will I repeat? Already booked her for my next trip to Toronto!


After a recent thread about "Squirters" I decided to x something off my bucket list and go See Darcy to see what this was all about.

Contact was made via text and she directed me to her website and her schedule, set a date in advance for today was asked to contact her a few hour before to confirm.
Darcy moves around between Burlington/Airport hotels and she told me she was going to start offering appointments downtown Toronto, she does not work every day but what looks like 2 or 3 days a week at one of those locations.

I got to the location and was given the room number, was nervous because I have been seeing the same SP for over a year and this was something new. Darcy looks great in her pictures, so I was thrilled to see she more stunning in person, great body and a very pretty face, she lists her age as 37 but looks late 20's early 30's, chatted for a few minutes then she said "take off your clothes lets get naked", she removed her panties and bra...she is in great shape with wonderful boobs and amazing nipples.

The next hour was kinda a blur, but included DFK/Daty/intense BBJ/BLS, Darcy really gets into it and it was was time to fuck, on went the dome for some doggy that was hot, Darcy turns and looks back at you on occasion and that pretty face almost made me pop, tried another position until I could not take anymore and finished with a COB...I am usually a 2 shot guy but I did not judge the shitty traffic so was late getting there my mistake...Cleaned up and chatted for a bit, she is pretty new to the bizz but she has her stuff together and is very professional and seems to care.

Squirting ...she did a few times and it was hot/interesting/intense and I am glad I actually experienced it. Darcy has an edge, a passionate one that I hope to explore further with another visit


D'arcy Effect, Game On

After reading about this chic on a couple boards I had to book her. If you want it, you have to book her ahead of time, so I booked her a couple weeks out. Had some fun banter with her via text , time got adjusted a little a couple days out. The big game day arrived, the bar was set high with anticipation. Right on time, I knocked on her door and this cheerful little blond opens the door, as she greats me she is wearing this little RED sporty bra panty set with white thigh high socks. Her pictures are accurate. We had a quick chit chat and a tester DFK which was just a preview of what was to come, deep and hard. Then I put some fun tickets on the desk along with an extra tip for some special requests (RIM / COF), she was like: for you, no problem. So then I wanted to get a look at her, so she stepped back and I was like you got a little sporty spice thing going, I like :)~ then she spun around on her tippy toes and popped off her bra and exposed her beautiful set of bolt ons. I quickly took off all my clothing and we both started playing tonsil hockey, which morphed into who could suck each other's tongue out of each other's mouth better :)~ all this while still standing next to the bed. Ok now for some real game time, She jumps on the bed I straddle her for another quick DFK then quickly move down to the main court where the floor was clean and a pool was clean, I grabbed her hips and she grabbed my head, her eyes locked on to what I was doing. I was toying with her just giving her a little light tongue play, I told her she is going to have to beg for it. She grinned with a devilish look and pulled me in and I kept pushing back until she said oh my god you are killing me. Then suddenly I dove in and was almost instantly soaking wet by a waterfall of squirting, this just made me crazy and wanted more, I attacked and she responded with more. Then it was DATO time and that set her into a rage of delight, and again more waterfalls. This went on for a good 5 plus minutes. Now my turn, I got up on my knees and she sprung up like the energizer bunny and engulfed my 6 maybe 7 inches, balls deep with a lot of enthusiasm and good eye contact, then started some sloppy BLS, she was great. at one point I said: Try to get both balls in your mouth and before I knew it she was DTing me while trying to shove them in as well. When she came up for air, she said: I don't think I can do that. I laughed and said I meant just the balls. She laughed and went straight to town on them, then went downtown for some intense RIM, wow. Then I suggested we go downtown on each other via 69 and she jumped like a rabbit right into position. Almost immediately another waterfalls. Then I had her just ride my face, and she waterfalled into my mouth and I pushed her off me then grabbed her head and proceeded to DFK her with her juice, this turned her on even more. I said: it's time to F*@K and she said: hell yea. Fast and furious mish with legs up down and all around, to a spring board flip, to doggy and a few variations of the dog all the while waterfalls of delight with her walls contracting so hard it would sometime be push right out. I lost count how many times she squirted, WoW! At this point we are about 35 minutes in to this epic sport f*@k event and I wanted some edge of the bed action and ripped off the helmet cover. She then grabbed a pillow and put it on the floor and jumped into a kneeling position with a devilish smile. This girl loves cock and she went to town once again with a sloppy BBBJ and BLS and then went downtown to RIM, she was on a mission. The mission was RIM to WIN so as she was RIMMING I was manualing on the joy stick, I said here it cums and she sprung back with mouth wide open and I sprung up and spewed all over her face hair and in her mouth with huge load. She had a big smile on and I took my fingers and pushed some cum out of the way and kissed her hard. She said: I was a sick F*@k and you (I) can call me anytime :)~
Showered up after, the bathroom had all the cleaning products that I needed. We then hung on the bed for 15 minutes talking about fun sex adventure. This girl is FUN!
I will call her for sure. One word to sum up the D'arcy Effect. WOW!